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Need our staff contact information (all area codes are "910")?
Main Switchboard Number: 910.829.9017
Staff Member Program Phone E-Mail:
Richard Alligood Juvenile Assessment Center (Program Manager) 222- 6086 (call for e-mail)
Jamie Darossett Juvenile Assessment Center, YIM 222-6175 (call for e-mail)
Mark Stang Juvenile Assessment Center, YIM 222-6080 (call for e-mail)
Vacant Juvenile Assessment Center, YIM 222-6067 (call for e-mail)
Bridget Sims Juvenile Assessment Center, YIM 222-6068 (call for e-mail)
Dachia Davis Reclaiming Futures Project Manager/Change Leader  (Courthouse, Room 204) 321-3831 (call for e-mail)
---------- ------- 222-6173 (internal assessment office extension)
Sarah Hallock JCPC Coordinator/Community Programs Coordinator 222-6073 (call for e-mail)
Corinne Byrne Company Business Manager 222-6069 (call for e-mail)
Antonio (Tony) Gardner Intensive Services Network Care Manager/T-MAC/Youth Leadership 222-6081 (call for e-mail)
Yvonne Smith Substance Abuse Services Program Manager 222-6393 (call for e-mail)
John Bain Substance Abuse Counselor-MAJORS 222-6389 (call for e-mail)
Julia Harrison Substance Abuse Counselor-MAJORS 222-6390 (call for e-mail)
Mitchell Jones Community Support Specialist 222-6079 (call for e-mail)
Paul Elmer Office Administrator-Substance Abuse Unit 222-6395 (call for e-mail)
Lea McNeill Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant 222-6388 (call for e-mail)
Robin Pride Detention Center/Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant 222-6536 (call for e-mail)
Jeff Wilson Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant 222-6737 (call for e-mail)
Susan Follum Community Support Specialist/JAC 222-6173 (call for e-mail)
Vanessa McFayden Office Admin/Receptionist 829-9017 (call for e-mail)
Leslie Runion Youth Gang Intervention Coordinator/CGPP 222-6079/978-4519 (call for e-mail)
Gaby Sye Youth Gang Intervention Coordinator/CGPP (Arnette Park) 978-7020 (call for e-mail)
John Clark Consultant/Quality Management for CommuniCare 222-6172 (call for e-mail)
---- Student Intern 222-6071 (call for e-mail)
Sarah Hallock Executive Director 222-6089 (call for e-mail)
server room/computers n/a 222-6712 n/a


CommuniCare is launching our new website to provide more information for our clients, partners and others. New Features will allow easier access to the information you need. A new electronic referral form is now available for your convenience.