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Collaboration Partners

CommuniCare is a collaborative agency; everything we do is to those means. CommuniCare has established itself as a critical link for the local court system, schools, mental health system and others by providing comprehensive Clinical Assessments, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment, Juvenile Delinquency programming supports, Psychological testing/evaluations, Forensic Capacity Evaluations and other services for YOUTH and ADULTS.

Referrals often generate via court order for mental health and/or substance abuse services, by court counseling staff that identify areas of need through the Risk & Needs Assessment, other diagnostic criteria and screening criteria, schools, our Managed Care Organization, Parents and others. CommuniCare works closely with the following agencies that refer youth, adults and families to our services. CommuniCare only utilizes evidenced based practices and have demonstrated superior program management success.

Collaborating partnerships include:

  • County of Cumberland
  • Alliance Behavioral Healthcare
  • 12th District Court system
  • 12th District Court Counseling staff
  • Private Attorneys
  • Public Defender's Office
  • Fayetteville Police Department
  • CC Sheriff's Office
  • CCSO School Resource Officers
  • Cumberland County Adult Detention Center
  • Cumberland Regional Juvenile Detention Center
  • Department of Public Safety/ Division of Adult Corrections Juvenile Justice
  • Cumberland County Schools
  • Department of Social Services
  • CC Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
  • Area private provider agencies
  • Methodist University
  • Public Health Department of Cumberland County
  • Parents/Guardians/Foster Care parents


CommuniCare is launching our new website to provide more information for our clients, partners and others. New Features will allow easier access to the information you need. A new electronic referral form is now available for your convenience.