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Welcome to Communicare

As an umbrella organization, our goals include: developing new quality community-based programs using evidence-based (research driven) practices; improving the quality of existing or evolving programs by improving program evaluation and accountability; incorporating funded and related programs into an administrative and electronic “neighborhood” for immediate access to needed information; and expanding funding resources for programs that help build resiliency in youth, families and communities.

We work in Fayetteville and surrounding areas of Cumberland County in North Carolina to help build stronger children, families, and community services to prevent juvenile delinquency, youth / family substance abuse, child maltreatment, and other risk conditions leading to negative outcomes for children.

Our work includes expanding collaborations with faith-based organizations, as well as integrating existing grassroots or other nonprofit programs into an umbrella activities for improved coordination and planning.

Click on any of the tabs to the left to learn much more about our organization. If you are interested in counseling/mental health appointments, click on the "Information Links" tab and look for 'Counseling/Mental Health Appointments and Resources' -- thank you for visiting us!


Communicare launches new website in January 2009.